Author : Nivash C, Sanjay R, Kaviya R S, Mohammed Ansar, M,Poorvasanthiya S,Monisha S

The outbreak of a fire is a dangerous act that has a number of consequences. Detecting fire at an early stage and extinguishing it can help in preventing various accidents. So far we rely on human resources. This often puts the person's life at risk. Therefore, fire protection becomes an important aspect for saving human lives. A fire fighting robot was designed and designed to detect the fire location and extinguish the fire using sprinklers when the pump is started. This robot uses three flame sensors for accurate fire detection. This proposed model of fire fighting robot using NODEMCU is used to detect the presence of fire and extinguish it automatically without any human intervention. It contains gear motors and a motor controller to control the movement of the robot when it detects any occurrence of fire and automatically starts a water pump to extinguish that fire. This robot model has a water ejector that is capable of releasing water at the scene of a fire. The water ejector tube can be moved in the desired direction using a servo motor. The entire operation is controlled by the NODEMCU microcontroller

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