Author : Addanki Abhaya Vikas, Ammanamanchi Ravisankar Bharadwaj ,Jonnadula Narasimharao

Human Vision is an incredible process of identifying different objects. We can differentiate the objects with the help of the vision Object Dimensions Measurement program used to measure the dimensions of objects. Which helps in the automation, capturing, and identification of a particular instance of the object. These days, real-time object detection and dimensioning of objects are essential issues in many areas of industry. This is a necessary topic for computer vision problems. There is a need for an enhanced technique for detecting objects and computing their measurements in real-time from pictures. For this, we will take the reference as the a4 sheet. After that, the dimensions of the object are measured. In real-time two different objects or states could help fill in and differentiate the different objects in actuality. We'll refer to this part of the architecture as the important network, which is normally pre-trained as an image classifier to know how to extract features from an image more cheaply. This is an outcome of the fact that data for image classification is easier (and thus cheaper) to label as it only requires a single label as opposed to defining bounding box annotations for each image. Thus, we can train on an extensive labeled dataset (such as ImageNet) in order to learn good feature representations.

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