DO Modeling for the Yamuna River, Delhi

Author : Nibedita Verma, Dr. Geeta Singh, Prof. Naved Ahsan

DOI : 10.5072/FK26H4PV9J.2023.05.08.004

Yamuna River Delhi stretch is a severely polluted reach with dissolved oxygen concentration below the detected limit almost the entire length with a higher concentration of oxygen-demanding substances. This stretch needs a management tool to predict the conditions and management of the river with the contributing load. QUAL2Kw is used to simulate the parameter DO. The framework has been calibrated and validated for the secondary data of February data of 1999-2006 and 2007-2009 respectively. DO prediction was done by keeping BOD and COD for all outfalling drains 10 mg/l and 50 mg/l as the effluent standard set for this reach. The scenarios have been developed changing the upstream flow. With the fixed pollutant load, it was observed that if the flow is increased by 50 cumecs of the minimum suggested flow, the reach could not attain the required minimum DO concentration

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