Author : Hemanth Reddy.G, Dr. N. Praveena, Harsha Vardhan.V, Charan Kumar Reddy.K, Gopinath Reddy.M

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in how Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are stored, with a new model that offers low operational costs, high flexibility, and availability. However, this shift also raises concerns about data privacy and network security for e-health systems, particularly when it comes to sharing EHRs among mobile users. Addressing this challenge requires a reliable approach that can ensure high levels of security while facilitating the sharing of EHRs. To that end, we propose a novel framework that combines blockchain and the decentralized interplanetary file system (IPFS), with a focus on developing a trustworthy access control mechanism that uses smart contracts to enable secure EHRs sharing among different patients and medical providers. The present project is focused on tackling security and scalability issues within the healthcare industry through the utilization of blockchain technology and storing purpose using IPFS. By adopting a decentralized and trustworthy approach to electronic health record sharing, data access can be streamlined for both patients and healthcare providers across multiple organizations. To ensure secure and efficient EHRs sharing, our proposed system employs a user access control framework that manages data access from various network entities. This framework effectively prevents unauthorized access to EHR resources, while allowing authorized entities to retrieve data quickly and easily. With the implementation of this control mechanism, we aim to establish a trusted platform for sharing EHRs, where only authorized users have access to modify and view data. The system is achieved to boost data security, integrity, and maintain trust between users and technology.

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