Traffic Signal Intimator using IOT

Author : S. Mounika A. Sandhya Lakshmi M. Bhavana K. Siva sai G.L.N. Suresh

All metropolitan cities face traffic congestion problems especially in the downtown areas. Normal cities can be transformed into “smart cities” by exploiting the information and communication technologies (ICT). The paradigm of Internet of Thing (IOT) can play an important role in realization of smart cities. This proposes an IOT based traffic signal solutions for smart cities. Now a days we are seeing and listening accidents near traffic signals due to over speed. Because they don’t know which signal light is currently there. So, to overcome this problem we want to design a mobile application. In that application it will show the colour of the signal and time limit of the signal with the help of this the driver can decrease the speed or increase the speed. So we can reduce the accidents and we can consume the fuel. This will display when a driver is 500mts away from the traffic signal. However the scheme proposed is general and can be used in any Metropolitan city without the loss of generality.

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