Author : Srinivasulu Dorasila, M.Sai Manikanta Reddy SK.Aleem Baig , G.Gopi Krishna, and SK.Abdul Shabaz

This paper is aimed to process properties of the conventional hardness and microstructure of Al-Sic nano composites with graphene flakes. It is planned to use various combinations with weight percentage of grapheme and Sic and to produce the Aluminum matrix composites by Compression Process. The first nano powered material is 100% pure Aluminum (Al). The other composition is Aluminum Al (70%),Silicon Carbide Sic (30%)The mixtures are to be mixed with nano Aluminum (70%) by weight percentages of adding nano Sic (25%), Graphene nano particles (GNP)(5%) followed by a Compression process to make a rigid form. Graphene and Sic nano particles predominantly are homogeneously distributed on the grain boundaries of Al matrix and Sic nano particles are distributed between GNP. Lot of work has been carried on synthesis of Al–Sic-Graphene composites for various engineering applications. Graphene has endowed with excellent physical and mechanical properties such as Tensile strength, elastic modulus and thermal conductivity and has got attention in the field of electronics, automobile industries, aerospace projects and other engineering applications. The prepared compacts must undergo microstructure evaluation by Metallurgical microscope and also find the Conventional hardness.

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