Author : Geetha L S, A Indhu Chowdary, Akshay M S, Lalana Nagaraj, Manish Athreya

As we know, the problem of the rapidly increasing number of vehicles around the world exacerbates the issue of the unavailability number of parking spots. The problem of unprecedented growth in the private vehicle segment has created a major problem with parking spaces. Not only is it frustrating, but it's also time-consuming. the average time a driver will park is approximately 8-10 minutes. In addition, it also puts pressure on the driver's pocket as today's parking facilities are getting more expensive every day. According to industry statistics, 30% of traffic jams exist due to drivers trying to find free parking spaces. The proposed intelligent parking system offers additional convenience and automation to both companies and clients. This paper also evaluates the benefits and shortcomings of the suggested approaches. This paper finally proposes a software-based solution for managing the parking spaces and recommending the slots based on users’ location.

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