Electrical systems, IOT, IEEE 802-2016 standard, supervision system etc.

Author : Jyothilal Nayak Bharothu, DrJ.Srinu Naick and P Hemanth Kumar

A microgrid will take part in a vital role in the future, since it will decrease the tension by the rising electricity demands, as compared to the constraints forced by power plants and transmission lines. Hence, identifying the optimal operating point of any distributed generators (DGs) in a microgrid leads them to identifying the optimal operation of any generator in them of cost minimization efficiency maximization. This paper proposes a novel algorithm to resolve the optimal operating point of distributed generators. In this algorithm, the new droop characteristic slopes (frequency vs. active power and voltage vs. reactive power) of the inverter will be detected of the optimized point. Conventionally, inverter based DGs droop characteristic slopes have a steady slope in their maximum and minimum capacity in the deferent function mode of microgrid. If any alter is necessary, the slope will be selected random. To reduce the deviation of droop characteristic slopes and the other objectives, the multi-objective optimization algorithm can be used. The multi-objective optimization is used in this paper, can give the logical choice to determine the new droop characteristic slopes in optimized point with least variation.

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