Author : M.Samba SivaRao, K.Jyothi , K.Giridhar , P.Baby Anitha , M.Abdul Rahim

Machine learning is an important decision support tool for crop yield prediction, including supporting decisions on what crops to grow and what to do during the growing season of the crops. Agriculture depends on the various soil properties.Production of crops is a difficult task since it involves various factors like soil type, temperature, humidity etc. If it is possible to find the crop before sowing it, would be of great help to the farmers. Machine learning in agriculture is used to improve the productivity and quality of the crops in the agriculture sector. Use of appropriate algorithms on the sensed data can help in recommendation of suitable crop. This system thus reduces the financial losses faced by the farmers caused by planting the wrong crops and also it helps the farmers to find new types of crops that can be cultivated in their area. To predict the crop yield in future accurately Random Forest, a most powerful and popular supervised machine learning algorithm is used.

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