Author : Y AZITH

In this world the women population half among which even 1% doesn’t own their property. Their role in industries is still unaccountable. This world has neglected t. Their share in business and trade is very low. The world for women empowerment is still uncountable though women plays a major role in culture but not in any industries and organizations. According to the surveys women’s yearning 25% wages than man in organization, instead of same qualification. Time has come for women to come out of the drudgery of housework and give vent to their creativity and entrepreneurship. Political developments in India have also been responsible for determining the role of women in a changing society. It is an accepted fact that the role of women in national development is a crucial one. Women have an important role to play in synthesizing social progress with economic growth of developing countries. Non-aligned and other developing countries have attached a great importance to ensure that women play their full role in the development process. The specific role of women in the economic effort has not yet been clearly defined but the need for “integration of women into development” is being particularly felt by women themselves. With the increase in the number of women getting educated, there is considerable awareness among women to be self-employed and gradually the role of women is changing in the society.

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